FreshAquaria Discussion Guidelines

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    We're excited about FreshAquaria (and anything that is related to the freshwater hobby) and are always happy to meet people who feel the same way. We want everyone to get the most out of our discussion board, so we ask that you please read and follow these guidelines before and after you register an account. Most importantly we want everyone to enjoy your visit here and never be afraid to share their items and experiences with our community.

    When you're sure you're ready to start a discussion, please keep the following points in mind:

    • Choose the right channel(s). This will increase the likelihood your post will be read and answered promptly.
    • Don’t post repeatedly about the same topic, as doing so will tend to have the opposite effect.
    • If not using a tag set aside for multilingual use, post in English only. We can't help you if we can't read you!
    • Remember, you don't need to sign your posts. We've got your profile to let us know who you are.
    • Don't reply to a title. Take some time to read the original post, and at least scan the rest of the conversation first.
    • Ask yourself if your reply adds to the discussion. If it doesn't, give it some more thought before posting.
    • Avoid making one-word posts just to agree with someone; you can use the "Like" link for that.
    • If your reply is likely to divert the course of the discussion, consider starting a new discussion instead.

    Most importantly we want to make sure that everyone avoids doing anything of the following at anytime:

    • Offensive or abusive language, as well as any kind of hate speech.
    • Posts intended to harass, impersonate, or defame others.
    • Attempts to abuse or expose the private information of others.
    • Obscene or sexually explicit content.
    • Spam, phishing posts, and any actions intended to deface FreshAquaria.

    Due to the nature of our Classifieds section, FreshAquaria will not be held liable for any fraudulent charges, items not being sent, or disputes with any items sold, bought, or traded. Please make sure that you use this section at your own risk! We will however make sure to monitor the section for any possible discussions and try to make sure that those who are using this section, are using it correctly and for it's intended purpose.

    All the above are grounds for moderator action. Our moderators may edit or delete any content that is offensive or disruptive to the flow of communication. Serious or repeated offenses may lead to suspension of the offending member's account.

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