A new addiction

  1. 3 months ago


    May 15 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I have had an occasional aquarium plant here or there for a while, but have never tried to do it right. Well I recently purchased a plant package from Rice Family Aquatics for a new tank. I enjoyed the new look that I made a sizeable (for me) order for more plants from Han Aquatics. By now, I am obsessed. I go online just to look up aquatic plants. It's like an all new hobby within the hobby. Has anyone else experienced this?

  2. Avery

    May 22 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Reminds me when I first tried out my first dirted tank. I loved the idea of the plants being able to soak up all of the things they do during the day while also providing a really cool, green, and natural look to the whole tank. I mostly get plants from LFS which carry a wide variety of species, or I tend to get them from Petsmart in the tubes or bags (and if the plant looks green and health, how long it's been there roughly, and more).

  3. James

    May 24 Premium Orem, Utah, United States

    That's how I feel when it comes to anything new, but plants are a whole other world. You can do so many things with live plants that you can't with plastic, plus they allow for natural food for some fish or invertebrates. I honestly think that the fauna aspect to any tank is just shocking, since it's like adding fish in or decorating the tank with gravel or rocks. Making sure that you plant the right plants in the correct area, mid ground, foreground, or background to give the tank that deep, rich, and lush look that will keep you and others staring at it all day and night.

    My favorite part is when the plants started to grow into their own sections in the tank, taking over corners, rocks, hiding filters, heaters, and other equipment that can be annoying to see or look at. Even having power heads (depending on tank size) or a filter output pointed towards the plants can give it that wavy look where fish dart between the leaves, in them, or around them.

    I 100% agree with you saying it's a hobby within a hobby, I mean the crowd for just plants and creating those perfect aquascapes IS HUGE!!! There are contents, competitions, and more regarding the whole plant world and turning a tank into a piece of art work by using plants, gravel, rocks, driftwood, and other items and making them into unique, miniature worlds for the fish to live and breed within.

  4. Rouelle

    May 27 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    On a positive note for me, my wife loves the look of my new heavy planted tank and is asking me to plant my other tanks too. :)

    I just got in another order from Han Aquatics this week. His plants are so incredibly phenomenal.

  5. 2 months ago

    Live plants are AMAZING! They add another layer to the hobby since they help out with the tank and it's maintenance, they look amazing even with the leaves not being fully green, and the way that they move when the fish/shrimp touch them or whenever the water blows of them is pretty cool.

    Plus it's always cool when people can't believe that their are real plants in there and they even ask to touch the leaves if it's close enough to the top of the tank.

    I've never heard of that company before, but I'll check them out. Kinda shocked that Amazon sells live plants online now and other places, I figure it can't be that hard to get some plants to propagate with runners or to cut and make into a new smaller plant.

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