What kind of water is best for fish?

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    Most types of water are equally good for your fish. Nonetheless, generally, water that is in its normal state isn't good for your fish. However, there are many ways to modify water so that it will be ready for your tank.

    First of all, let's look at city water. Well, this kind has too much chlorine. In that case, it has to be filtered out. Chlorine is dangerous for fish, and maybe people too, lol, cause it is essentially a poison. How about distilled water?

    Well, this type of water can be too pure for its own good, lol. In other words, it is just too free of minerals to be safe for fish. Nonetheless, though, in reef systems additives are used which bring things back to normal and with small systems the use of buffering levels things out. How about bought water?

    This type of water is normally great for fish, but if it's spring water then it should be tested to see if the minerals etc. are balanced. Now, finally, let's look at reverse osmosis and de-ionized water. This type of water, like distilled water, is often too pure, so it will need to be remineralized in the case of small systems. However, the reef systems automatically become leveled out once salt mixes are applied.

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    I honestly think that it depends on the type of ecosystem you are wanting, since some fish like very soft water while others enjoy extremely hard water. Then you have to worry about the other grouping of chemicals such as pH, kH, gH, etc. along with how to keep these levels stable (buying a specific source of water, mixing water with chemicals, or using other solutions).

    As far as what water type that you can buy at almost any local fish store or market, I would have to say for the vast majority using purified water mixed with RO water tends to be the best solution. Using tap water can vary from city to city since they all treat their water differently and it all gets sourced from a different well, pipe, or water source.

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    Depends on the type of fish and the pH, kH, and gH you are trying to get. For a generic case I would say to use purified water mixed with RO, and if that isn't an option using tap water with RO only water to top off with works perfectly (since you avoid adding more minerals into the water and instead keep the same amount even if the water only evaporates).

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