Tank of the Quarter - 2nd Quarter 2017

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    Apr 16 Administrator Arizona, United States
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    This is for the chance to win our Tank of the Quarter (TOTQ) contest! The winner will win select prizes and also have their photo featured on our social networking accounts!

    Tank of the Quarter

    Your photo will be displayed for the full length of the 2nd quarter of the calendar year of 2017

    Description: FreshAquaria's Tank of the Quarter (TOTQ) contest is for those who want to showoff their tank setups (or pond setups) and win some select prizes! For this contest, the winner will be featured on our social network accounts as a background or cover photo (if applicable) and also win a FREE membership to our PREMIUM usergroup! This PREMIUM membership will include some exclusive features such as having your own email account, having an exclusive badge shown on all posts, access to a hidden area that will contain more goodies, and more!

    How to Qualify

    1. Create a discussion board account if you do not have one already.
    2. You must post an image to this discussion that fits the following requirements listed below, as your post will count as your entry ballet.
    3. The attached photo must not contain or have any watermark, copyright mark, or any such mark, imprint, label, or representation which identifies the photo to a specific source.
    4. The photo must be a minimum of 600 pixels in length and 300 pixels in width. If possible having a higher resolution is far more desirable.
    5. We will only admit aquatic related animals and plant photos. The image may contain any mixture of plants, invertebrates, or fishes.
    6. The attached photo must be a complete and full tank (or pond) shot. Images that only show inside the tank or a portion of the tank will be invalid.
    7. The photo must be of an aquarium or pond that you personally own! Any photos found to be taken from the internet or another source will be fully disqualified.

    Please make sure that you read, and agree to our contest & giveaway guidelines before entering.

    How to Enter

    1. Take a photograph of your tank that is setup inside of your house, or any pond that is setup on your property.
    2. Attach the photo in your reply to this discussion that fits the required qualification criteria as listed above. Only one photo per user account will be allowed to be used as an entry (replies with multiple photos will have the first photo used as their entry).

    Contest Deadline

    The drawing for the winner will be on May 31st at 11:59PM UTC by a selected outside panel for review. Please look up what time this is in your local timezone, or check back here around the drawing date to see who the winner is. Should a non-qualifying participant be drawn, the panel will select the next best candidate until a valid, qualifying participant is picked. The winner will be announced the following day dependent on the time required for the panel to select a winner.

    Please note that the winner of a Tank of the Quarter (TOTQ) contest will not be eligible to win another Tank of the Quarter (TOTQ) contest for the next quarter. This is to provide fairness and give the opportunity for other participants to have the chance to win.

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    May 9 Administrator Arizona, United States

    I have extended the deadline until the end of this month for those who are looking to participate.

  3. Rouelle

    May 9 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    Well here is my newest tank. I planted it a couple weels ago. I am a horrible photographer :(

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    Jun 6 Administrator Arizona, United States

    With a total of 1 entry into this giveaway with all photos passing the inspection tools we have, there was a winner that was selected!

    And, without further announcement the winner of this giveaway by the outside party is @Rouelle

    Congratulations!! Your image will be displayed on all of our social media accounts (if applicable) and also will be the background image to the website when it is first loaded. Look out for these changes in the next few days!

    Good luck to all entries, and I hope to see you all on our next giveaway as it will definitely be worth the time and effort to enter!

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