What do you consider to be premium food?

  1. 4 months ago


    Apr 15 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Since there are a lot of brands out in the market for fish food, ranging from live options, to frozen, to even flakes and pellets. What would you consider a premium food to be? Is it one that has the most content per package, or one that you can noticeably see a difference when you feed your livestock?

    Any premium foods that you give to your fish at all? If so what are they called and why do you stick with that brand (or what makes you want to give it to them)?

  2. James

    Apr 24 Premium Orem, Utah, United States

    I would consider any type of food that doesn't really have anything with the word "filler" or "fill" in the first 5 ingredients to be a premium based food. Some people think that it is based on the brand, but sometimes you can find very common brands having fillers as the first 3 ingredients (which in fish food the order matters since that is the amount of ingredient type being added from most to least).

    Some of the more commonly known premium brand foods can include Omega One, Aqueon (some of their foods, others have fillers like no other), local foods that you can find in random stores, and the best one would be those who make their own fish food online and sell to others (I think Dustin.tv has his own brand now as do many others).

    STAY AWAY FROM FOODS LIKE TETRA, OR OTHER CHEAP BRANDS! You may think you are saving money at the start but you aren't allowing for your livestock to reach their full growing and life potential that they would have reached given a rich diet their whole life.

  3. Rouelle

    Apr 29 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I agree. I usually feed Omega One. I also hear good things about New Life Spectrum.

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