How do you pay for this hobby?

  1. 4 months ago


    Apr 3 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Since we can all understand and know just how much money it can take in order to get your perfect setup by making sure that you want the fish and inveterate you want, and other things. Do you make money from from the hobby that equals the money put int (selling fish, plants, etc.) or do you just use the money from work as the way you pay for things relating to the hobby?

  2. Rouelle

    Apr 4 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I make nothing off the hobby. Ive thought about seriously getting into shrimp to try to get the hobby to sustain itself, but have yet to make the jump. I fear that trying to work at will take the fun out of it.

  3. I made nothing either, and I just pay for it through my current job (although I'd love to have a job in the fish area it just sucks as there isn't such a thing at any of the big chain stores). Like @Rouelle said I think that once you start to make money from it, it'll loose the fun factor since now it's more about maximizing the profits from each breeding batch or the quality of the fish/invertebrate.

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