What type of filter(s) do you use?

  1. 5 months ago


    Mar 27 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Since many people run at least one filter, I'm curious on the spread of the types of filters that you all use for each of your tanks. I personally use a canister filter on my bigger tank, and a small sponge filter for my newly (almost) setup tank which will house some frogs.

    What you all use and what made you want to use that type of filter versus another type?

  2. Rouelle

    Mar 27 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I do mostly HOBs, but I recently set up a sponge filter in my community tank in order to use it to seed a new tank. I am liking the sponge so far, albeit just as a secondary filter at the moment.

  3. Rouelle

    Mar 27 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    A secondary question that may be asked:

    What are your favorite filter brands, and why?

  4. Lonnie

    Mar 27 Central Illinois United States...

    I use an emperor 280 with the bio wheel and recently added a large sponge filter because after reading different articles about the bio wheels not doing much good. I used the Undergravel filters for many years and I think that might be the best but seems few people are using them anymore.

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