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  1. 5 months ago


    Mar 5 Administrator Arizona, United States

    In order to provide the modern and user friendly software around, we need to do a major and some minor upgrades on the servers that FreshAquaria runs on. These upgrades will provide you, the user, with the most streamlined experience to our content and it will allow for new features to be implemented onto our current software. We are expecting for all webpages to load correctly during the upgrades however some features such as posting new replies to discussions, posting new discussions, creating and logging into accounts may have some difficulty (or not work at all).

    The maintenance will take place on Saturday, March 11, 2017 from 6:00AM - 7:00AM UTC (1:00AM - 2:00AM EST). During the upgrade, the servers will be rebooted to make sure all changes have been processed through and are ready for usage.

  2. Avery

    Mar 13 Administrator Arizona, United States

    The server was successfully upgraded and migrated to a different location.

    I personally apologize for the downtime due to a incorrect setting on the new web server that was not correctly cloned over by my hosting provider. In the future I'll be working with them more closely to make sure that everything is fully cloned over regardless of file type and size.

    With the new server location I'm hoping that we are able to be more responsive to those around the world, and with the improved server time and speed we will be able to add new features and software to keep this community alive and well. We'll keep you updated in the near future about the new features being added, and changes we can now expect to get done!

  3. Was starting to get worried when I saw that the website wasn't really loading anymore or that it would load a page and then not load anything else what so ever.

  4. Avery

    Mar 13 Administrator Arizona, United States

    @KnownSyntax Was starting to get worried when I saw that the website wasn't really loading anymore or that it would load a page and then not load anything else what so ever.

    Sadly this was due to me having to reboot the server and try to diagnosis what the root issue was. Then on top of that other things were working and not (hence why you may have seen a live page but after trying go navigate through it, it all disappeared or wouldn't load again anymore).

    Don't worry we aren't going anywhere regardless of the activity level since I'm hoping to redo some things and start producing more articles after a rework of the profiles section and homepage.

  5. Avery

    Mar 14 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Unfortunately the hosting provider that we used had to perform an emergency maintenance that lasted a vast majority of the day today, which would account for the downtime. I've already contacted them and also made sure that my CDN systems fully cache the whole website and community so that the next time that something occurs which forces the website offline, it still will be in a read-only access for everyone to see regardless of if you have visited before or not.

    I personally apologize for the recent downtime that has occurred, and I promise to have a closer contact with my hosting provider to make sure that any known downtime (whether it is emergency or not) gets relayed to me as soon as possible.

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