Who does fish groups on social media?

  1. 5 months ago


    Mar 5 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    If you're reading this then obviously you're forum folks. Do any of you also participate in fish groups on Facebook? I am a member of a few. I don't join too many, but have a few staples that I visit regularly. How about you guys? Are there any groups you can't live without?

  2. Avery

    Mar 5 Administrator Arizona, United States

    I've been a member of a few, although without any good moderators or admins I've seen them just get nasty (people hating on others ideas, full of spam, explicit content, and worse). In most cases the active ones really do and are helpful to everyone as a whole since they can share ideas and get help on the go.

  3. James

    Mar 6 Premium Orem, Utah, United States

    I've never really stayed in many, I'm apart of a few on Facebook but find them to be either too toxic or too much administration going on. Other times things seem to fly by very fast and without any true way to fully search through it all. I heard that Facebook is going to be reworking on the way groups are implemented to make them similar to discussions and forums, with a social network hybrid approach.

  4. Used to, find that you have "power users" who think they know more than the rest, lack of moderation with a standard of rules and policies, and other reasons that made the smaller ones toxic.

    The bigger groups do wonders though since they have so the right mixture of people and knowledge you really can get things answered correctly by multiple people in a decent time frame.

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