Unexpected hitchhikers, what do you do?

  1. 6 months ago


    Feb 20 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Whenever you buy plants, fish, or even decor from another tank you will always have a chance of getting some unexpected snails or other type of hitchhiker if the tank had them. Whenever you notice that you have any hitchhikers, do you try to kill them off, remove them by hand, or do you just let them be? Since there are tons of different types of hitchhikers I know that the answer would vary from type to type, but for a generic case what would your answer be and why?

  2. Rouelle

    Feb 25 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I've had pond snails show up after a plant purchase. Strangely I picked out maybe 8-10 over a 6 month period and haven't seen any for months since. The population explosion I always hear about never happened.

  3. Depends, if they are pond snails I tend to just throw them out or give them away. If they are anything else that doesn't want to climb out of the tank's water, eat plants, or cause a mess I'll leave them.

    Then when there are too many I just buy some assassin snails to kill them off.

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