Custom Tanks / Aquariums

  1. 6 months ago

    Aquarium / Tank modifications has anyone made their own i would be interested to see what type of aquariums that people have made and how unique they are, I have a couple of friends who own tanks of many sorts but only have 1 friend who is very dedicated and has custom built to perfection his own tanks, I would show some pictures but i have not seen my friend for over a year now but i would be interested to see what project most of you have worked on.

  2. Avery

    Feb 20 Administrator Arizona, United States

    I wish that I had the money for some custom tanks and everything like that, but sadly I don't. I wouldn't mind seeing some custom ones for freshwater though since a vast majority only seem to make custom tanks for marine/saltwater life to make the "wow" factor go even higher.

  3. Rouelle

    Feb 25 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    Agreed, I wish I had money for an awesome custom tank. As it stands, I currently generally exploit Petco's dollar per gallon sale. What I lack in awesome tanks, I try to make up for in pristine water and high quality fish.

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