Most Rare Tropical Fish Owned

  1. 6 months ago

    I know there are many rare tropical fish in the world, Do you own one and have a good story to tell how you came about this type of fish. i would be interested how you came to buy it and was it the best buy.

  2. I sadly don't but wish I did! I'd love to have some discus or even some elephant nosed fish (they look so weird but they stand out so much). Sadly in my area if any fish is worth money or rare, they go for a HUGE price tag.

  3. I do not. I do want a manta shrimp. Those things are really awesome. They can break a tank in a second if they want. You need to research them.

  4. Rouelle

    Feb 25 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I don't have anything particularly rare. Occasionally I look at some of the more expensive plecos, but I don't have a tank big enough for some of those monsters.

  5. Avery

    Feb 27 Administrator Arizona, United States

    I haven't really owned anything that was rare at all, sadly the most expensive thing that I've taken care of is Discus more recently (isn't so much rare but hard to keep alive due to their requirement for specific water parameters).

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