How Should I Start?

  1. 6 months ago

    Hi, I'm new to this, so I want to start buying fish because they help me relax, you know when you see them, they're just so tranquil so just wanted to ask. What fish and aquarium type should I start with?

  2. When you start with fish do a bit of research, find out which breed of fish you are interested in then what is a suitable aquarium for them to live in along with the food.

    Different fish need different sizes of tanks / aquarium so its always best to research what type of fish you are going to look after first then you can find out the type of aquarium needed.

    Also ensure when picking up the aquarium needed it has the necessities needed such as food, filter, substrate, lighting, heater, accessories etc...

    You may also need a water conditioner which helps remove chlorine and chloramine in tap water.

  3. I would agree with starting out with some research, mostly make sure you have a tank and setup big enough for the fish that you want to house. Also make sure that your nitrogen cycle is fully completed before buying all or a ton of fish at once since you'll just end up with a lot of dead fish, or fish which are slowly dying off.

    Try starting out with a 20 gallon long, or even a bowfront tank (those always looked the best and make the tank feel way bigger than they are). If you are on a budget try just a standard 10 gallon tank and get some smaller, but hardy fish. The fish select you have might vary since we all don't have the same supplier, stores, or even breeders so let us know what you find and we can recommend some options for you!

  4. It also depends on what type of tank you want. Salt Water or Fresh? I will be honest with you. I love salt water fish, but the maintenance and the upkeep sucks ans is really difficult. I currently have 2 fresh water tanks with angels in them. You also have to research what fish will not kill each other.

  5. Avery

    Feb 26 Administrator Arizona, United States

    I'd say that the best answers here are by both @KnownSyntax and @Gh0st4unt3r hands down.

    It's all about being patient and allowing for things to grow on their own (mostly with the nitrogen cycle and getting the tank fully setup). Plus having a game plan on what you want to keep, how many, their size and requirements, and also if you have multiple species if they will get along or not (a big thing that is always looked over sadly).

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