What is the most helpful piece of advice you've received in this hobby?

  1. 6 months ago


    11 Feb 2017 Premium Orem, Utah, United States

    I'm curious on what the best piece of help that you have ever gotten for the aquarium hobby is? I mean this can be from when you were first starting out, to even more recently when you were changing equipment or any other thing that is inside of the aquarium. I've found that help can range from not only employees who know what they are talking about, to even other customers as we were shopping inside of an aquarium store trying to buy/find specific items.

  2. Rouelle

    13 Feb 2017 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    Research, research, research.

  3. v209

    17 Feb 2017 Seattle USA

    Probably from forums honestly, it seems like people in stores lack knowledge unless you go to a very local store and not one of the bigger chains :P

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