Fire Belly Toads

  1. 6 months ago


    6 Feb 2017 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Have any of you guys and gals taken care of these before? I'm thinking about diving into a tank with just these, since they seem pretty cool (coloration wise) and even the way that their habitat has to be setup has me very interested.

    So far I'm using an old 10 gallon tank that I have left over, and (hopefully) a small internal filter to move the water around (although if the current is too strong have to get one of these Tetra Whisper Filters). I'll be getting some slate rock to hide the filter behind and have it setup like a waterfall in the next coming days. If anything I'll probably post some photos on here just to show everyone what I'm up to and how it's progressing.

  2. Rouelle

    8 Feb 2017 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    Will definitely be awaiting pictures. :)

  3. Avery

    9 Feb 2017 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Will do at every stage of the setup! These guys look really cool and their lifespan and ease of care really wanted me to try out a half and half habitat with both dry and water areas, compared to just a water bowl filled up or just all water.

    I went to my LFS and they were completely out of black slate rock, and didn't have enough rainbow slate for me to finish it off. I figured I'd wait till their next shipment of black slate (which they said they will be placing in the next week or so). Petco near me has black slate but thick pieces priced at $4.99/rock, which is pretty pricey considering I'd have to break them anyways and if I wait I can get them at $1.99/lb. Until then I'm just figuring out my underwater plants, above ground plants, and general layout.

    Already found some reptile soil which I'll be using in the dry area (which breaks down and turns into a dry/wet mud) which I'm sure the frogs will still love as they can hide in and it will help them remove their skin when they shed. I have yet to figure out how much water I'll be filling this up to (have to test my internal filter first) and if I'll be adding any other things at all to make it look like a smaller jungle or so.

  4. James

    11 Feb 2017 Premium Orem, Utah, United States

    I've seen them before but never taken much notice due to their care and also the fact that they are almost highly poisonous to other small animals. To me that appeared to always be a more exotic pet than anything else since they require specific conditions that aren't always easy to match, and their diet tends to be more of a wide variety than just a few select foods. They sell them at my local stores too and almost always seem to be out of stock or awaiting another shipment (not sure if that's a good sign as they sell fast or if they just die when they get shipped, I've never gone further to ask about that matter).

    Good luck with the tank and setup though, I'd be really interested to see how you do it since the whole idea of using black slate rock to make a waterfall would be really smart. I'm sure the frogs will love being not only fully in the water, but slightly on it, or not on it at all. Plus depending on how the tank looks you can always put some small feeder fish in or just have enough frogs to where it's a game to find them if they try to hide.

  5. 5 months ago

    Any updates in this setup yet?!? I'm super curious!!

  6. Avery

    Mar 13 Administrator Arizona, United States

    I was able to get all of the black slate rock I needed, however after building the waterfall or appears that the internal filter I had isn't strong enough to push water out and all over the rocks. I've placed an order on Amazon for a water pump to put inside instead. I'll post progress when it gets here tomorrow as to remove the filter I had to remove pretty much all of the slate rock.

  7. 4 months ago


    Apr 3 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Just got the water pump (delayed for some reason) and working on getting the waterfall aspect setup with some clear tubing. Should hopefully have this fully done and then working on getting their land part done (going to use some reptile based dirt which over time will turn into mud for them). So far everything is slowly coming together, just sucks on how much time it is taking in order to get things and put things together.

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