Cycling question

  1. 7 months ago


    30 Jan 2017 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I am setting up a new aquarium (20 gal). I plan to expedite the cycling by first setting up a sponge filter in my well-established community, letting it run, then transferring it to the new tank. For those who have experience with doing this:

    1) How long should I run it in established tank prior to transferring to new tank?

    2) How long after the transfer would you guess it would take for the new tank to finish cycling, say if I dose with ammonia?

  2. Rouelle

    30 Jan 2017 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I was thinking running 2-3 weeks in established tank prior to transfer. Enough?

  3. Avery

    30 Jan 2017 Administrator Arizona, United States
    1. I'd probably let it run for a few weeks before transferring it over to the new tank, just so it can grab the beneficial bacteria from the starting and ending points at once.
    2. It should be done automatically once the new filter media is seeded from the previous tank, so almost instantly otherwise you risk killing off the beneficial bacteria by not having any food for them.
  4. 6 months ago


    11 Feb 2017 Premium Orem, Utah, United States

    I'd agree with @Avery on this one, since allowing for the media to be fully established before moving it would be key. I don't think that it should take long, only a few weeks before it is fully established and should be ready for a tank of it's own that is already stocked (otherwise the bacteria will die, similar to how it does if you are moving and don't keep it water that has ammonia).

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