What are some ideas to make this place more active?

  1. 7 months ago

    Over the past few weeks it's appeared that activity has sadly died down on here, and I'm wondering what are some ways that we as community members (or even administrators) can do to keep this place alive? I know that by adding new content and topics we can do this, but it only goes so far when trying to get new people to sign up and they see the same few usernames being super active with others being less active.

    I've thought about possibly recommending a change in the forum software since the more bigger communities tend to use something way different that seems to offer way more in terms of modules and addons than this one does (although Avery says that he is waiting for Flarum to be released, I'm not sure how much longer the wait will be for that to come out).

    Giveaways are great but I feel like they only add a ton of activity for a little bit as people try to enter an then they seem to never come back, although this could be due to the fact that the main website front hasn't really been updated much since there aren't any new articles that are being added on there every week or so anymore sadly. It's hard to correlate the two since they aren't really tied together but could be if someone were to visit the main page and then see the lack of information from FreshAquaria currently.

    Does anyone have any other ideas? I like the community (even though it's small) and feel like it seriously could make it if it was more popular and active like other communities are.

  2. Avery

    25 Jan 2017 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Sorry for the inactivity, I've just been busy with outside life and have been unable to update this place accordingly.

    As far as changing forum software, I have thought about it before (early in the very very early stages I did run phpBB but ran into some issues and it became more and more annoying to customize the forum than other models and systems). I figured that esoTalk would be supported while Flarum was under development, however it appears it's only security patches and Flarum still has a long way to go before it's going to be released. The biggest issue with changing over to another system is the fact that there aren't any convertors, unless moving to a paid software such as vBulletin or IP.Board. I was looking at other systems but once again I would rather use this forum software as an base to keep all of the posts, links, users, and more than start completely fresh with nothing (would make this place even seem worse off in my eyes as a guest).

    I'm trying to keep giveaways live and active every once and awhile, however with the Tank of The Quarter there isn't enough people going and submitting photos (at least this time around) so it's hard to keep something alive with lack of entries. I'll keep on trying to gather people from other communities and use other social giveaway websites to collect more users who want to win, but I can't keep them from entering and not staying around.

    I appericate the general concern and the willingness to help out this community and website. If anything you all can always put together articles that can be placed on the main website (just follow the general layout I have currently). Just send me a private message on here with all of the details and I'll add it into it's correct area. Don't worry so much about photos since I'm trying to contact people on Instagram to let me use their photos (with their names watermarked along with free premium status on here) for doing such a highly important thing. If you have good photos as well please feel free to send them in a private message.


  3. 6 months ago


    11 Feb 2017 Premium Orem, Utah, United States

    Possibly moving to another forum system may help as it could add new features, plugins, and support for other things that this one cannot. Plus I'm sure that having a more developed theme/style would aid in allowing for people wanting to stay around since it shows that you all care more about the whole community and that it isn't dated (which sadly it feels like currently). I'm just not sure which one would have all of of the benefits and would be easy to merge over without loosing any data or creating broken events/links with attachments and all.

    The front website could use more work, but that's just in the forms of more articles and being able to search/find more common things faster instead of having some pages not fully finished off or photos of not every aspect. Otherwise it looks good minus many some style changes but that isn't a huge thing. It runs perfectly on my phone and so does this place, just can't get back to the home page through the discussion board which kinda sucks.

  4. Avery

    Feb 18 Administrator Arizona, United States

    I would agree with it being able to have more features, open more to people using it, and also having no (or little) learning curve, but I feel like using the one we use makes us stand out more compared to those who are all using (or seem to all be using) vBulletin with the same feel and look just different colors.

    I'd love to move to another, but looking at the options there isn't any major reason to switch fully. I've looked at having gallery plugins, being able to have a showcase area, also the way the forum is structured (with categories and forums instead of channels), and more in thought but lack to find a huge reason to change as of right now. The only downside is that once this community does get bigger, it may be harder to keep track of active conversations (which Flarum fixes and I've also attempted to adjust on here). I've tried to edit the style and theme to make it feel more modern and inviting as well, but esoTalk doesn't appear to like anything outside of the standardized theme it mostly has.

    I've recently updated the front-end's software which has made some noticeable changes, but sadly it's broken some color issues that I'm currently working on fixing myself. I've thought about completely redoing the whole theme and style, but it appears to taker way more time than I currently have on my hands. I've looked at what is out there in terms of using something as a base and editing it like there is no tomorrow, but still zero luck. With the structure of things I do plan on changing them around, since I do see and understand why the same species of fish (for example) is annoying to see listed with every possible coloration. I had originally intended to only do those with different genius names, however people requested via email to have all colors with photos if possible. I'll be attempting to change the layout shortly once I fix the other, well known and more annoying, issues that the update has caused.

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