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  1. 12 months ago


    25 Aug 2016 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    So I got a 20 gallon long at the Petco dollar per gallon sale. It has been sitting empty for about 2 months now, in part because I can't decide what to do with it. I plan to plant it moderately. Stocking options I leep toying with include:

    1) A betta sorority. I have never done one but it just seems fun.

    2) A schooling fish tank. I am a huge fan of tetras and would be happy going this direction.

    3) A gupppy tank. Why not, they are fun.

    4) A dedicated shrimp tank. I would probably go with some species of Neos and breed/sell.

    5) A combination of 4 with either 2 or 3.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Avery

    26 Aug 2016 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Honestly if you want a giant schooling tank with some peaceful tetras, and also some shrimp I'd highly recommend getting neon or cardinal tetras along with some type of neo like mentioned. Not only would you see the middle of the tank fully of life due to the tetras but also the ground depending on how many shrimp that you get.

    I find that guppies tend to be over rated and their genetics are just too weak for me to keep somehow (even slow acclimation has lead a high majority of males and females to die within a weeks time). Betta sororities are pretty cool too, but that would more than likely remove the option of keeping any type of shrimp in the most general way depending on their temperament.

  3. James

    27 Aug 2016 Premium Orem, Utah, United States
    Edited 12 months ago by James

    I'd take my vote for the betta sororities since it's hard to get them to get all along. but if you do it's pretty crazy seeing a ton of different colored females bettas all getting along and living inside of the same space. Plus you can always go for a live planted tank vibe such that it can make it just appear super peaceful, but also very interesting and be a total hit with aquarium related stores and shops in your area.

    Whatever you go for, PLEASE make sure to let us know how it goes and give us some photos so we can see your tank setup! :D

  4. Rouelle

    31 Aug 2016 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I am about 90% decided on a sorority. I think I will save the shrimp tank for a future 10 gallon setup because it almost feels like a waste devoting a 20 gal to that cause. I will update ya'll on my progress.

  5. 11 months ago


    7 Sep 2016 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I have a 10% off coupon for Petco valid thru Sept 24, so another piece or two of the new setup is going to be bought soon. I'm going specifically looking for some decent plant-growing lights for the 20 long. Any recommendations?

    Also, does anyone keep open-top sorority tanks? Although I have never experienced it with my male bettas, I have always heard bettas can be jumpers. Is this an issue at all with females?

  6. Avery

    7 Sep 2016 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Ah very nice coupon that you have, I love getting those in the mail (or email) and sometimes even being able to score that and then afterwards get the $5 coupon for spending over $100 as a member.

    I've had various luck with the lighting required, it really depends on what type of plants you want to keep. LEDs work but most of them at Petco require you to buy multiple LED light tubes or are made for saltwater tanks mostly. The saltwater ones work for plant life but will look a tad off when compared to regular lights in a freshwater tank (has a more blue hue compared to a white or yellow hue for freshwater).

    I've never really tried keeping any betta in an open top since like you mentioned they have the appearance of being able to jump. If anything I'd be more worried about the females being able to jump out due to their shorter finage when compared to the males who have longer finage that would slow them down (or stop them from fully jumping out). If no one else knows I'd just say to try it and see what happens, possibly making sure to have something that would keep the top of the water surface moving such as a HOB or a power head to make them not want to try to jump out.

  7. Rouelle

    8 Sep 2016 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    As @Avery mentioned, the selection of plant appropriate lights was limited at Petco. I ended up getting a 150 W heater and a thermometer using the coupon.

    I'm looking at the attached led light for the tank. I am also considering a diy stand out of cinder blocks and a board. I am hoping to get the tank running with everything but plants/livestock for < $100

  8. Avery

    10 Sep 2016 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Funny that you were thinking on getting that LED light, I have it and it's really well. I have yet to fully place it on my 55 gallon but in person the lights are extremely bright and I feel like they can totally grow some low-medium level plants. If you get some grow that is too slow, or dies off you can always buy two of them and place them side by side on the top to make it really grow well and get some good PAR levels.

  9. 10 months ago


    2 Oct 2016 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    @Rouelle As @Avery mentioned, the selection of plant appropriate lights was limited at Petco. I ended up getting a 150 W heater and a thermometer using the coupon.

    I'm looking at the attached led light for the tank. I am also considering a diy stand out of cinder blocks and a board. I am hoping to get the tank running with everything but plants/livestock for < $100

    I finally broke down and ordered this light. After ~$8 cash back rewards from discover, the cost was $24.

    Still remaining to acquire before setting up tank:

    1) A lid of some sort. I really would prefer an open tank, but have some concern about bettas in a sorority jumping

    2) A stand. I am seriouly considering a cinder block and board stand

    3) A cheap timer for the light

  10. Avery

    3 Oct 2016 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Cheapest timer I've found to work with both sides (as in having one side a timer side and the others always on) is the Zoo Med Aquarium Timer. At least it also has some surge protection built in and instead of just being a pure timer without it.

    As far as stands, honestly I just wait until I find a good deal online or in store. I remember picking up my 55 gallon stand for $71 with tax due to 25% being off of stands online and also another coupon I was able to stack on top of that at Petco. Otherwise the stand itself was around $99-120 (it's the black wooden one with doors), or trying to find some online that are for sale on craigslist would also work if you don't mind some minor dents and scratches (always can repaint the whole thing and add an actual waterproof coating).

  11. 7 months ago


    2 Jan 2017 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    Well I first got this tank in July and am slowly adding to it. I only lack a stand and a lid before I am ready to add water.

    Ultimately I have decided to plant it heavily and add some tetras (thinking about silvertips) and some neo shrimps (unsure of which variety). Planning to go after simple beauty rather than variety. I think the anticipation of planning is the best part.

  12. 4 months ago


    Apr 18 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I finally got water in this tank yesterday. I have had a sponge filter running for 6 weeks in my community tank that I am going to throw in, hopefully tomorrow. After that I will be planting it and adding some shrimp. :)

  13. Avery

    Apr 19 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Nice! Any ideas on what types and breeds of shrimp? Any plans on seeing how far a breeding project would go with whatever species of shrimp you get?

  14. Rouelle

    Apr 21 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    So here's the story on the tank. I picked up a 20 long at a dollar per gallon sale last summer. I ran a sponge filter with a Tetra Whisper 20 for 6 weeks in my well established community tank, then moved it to the new one. I also have the PennPlax Cascade 150 that I won here about a year ago running in it. It has a Beamswork 6500K LED light. I moved a school of tetras into it from my community tank to make room for some angels in that tank. For the new tank, I ordered a plant package from Rice Family Aquatics to be delivered next week. After things get settled for a few months I plan to add some blue velvet (or maybe blue dream) shrimp. I may at some point also try to find some nice captive bred oto cats to throw in too.

    I have nothing against selling some shrimp in time. I am not going to "try" to make money from the hobby, but wouldn't necessarily turn it away if the situation presents itself.

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