What is your favorite color of fish?

  1. 12 months ago

    What is your favorite color fish and why? For me it is neon tetra's with their very bright blue bodies that are also very thin. I honestly think that is just pops so much when compared to other colors on fish inside of a community tank.

  2. Rouelle

    25 Aug 2016 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    One rarely sees a green betta, but they are quite stunning. I also tend to favor blue fish of various kinds.

  3. my favorite color of fish tends to be yellow, hence why I tend to always keep guppies or cichlids

  4. Avery

    31 Aug 2016 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Ahh, never thought about green fish honestly. That is a good point with their unique color since nothing besides a small handful of fish are a vibrant green.

    I'd have to go with blue, but more of the blue from a neon tetra or cardinal tetra. I just love how it is extremely vibrant and just stays shinning if you have the correct lighting for the tank.

  5. I don't have one that comes to my mind, other then nice gold fish that is so coll to look at. never owned an gold fish so hard to tell

  6. James

    31 Aug 2016 Premium Orem, Utah, United States

    I would have to say that my favorite color of fish would be those purple striped ones, similar to how some rainbow fish are colored (not dyed), betta fish are, are also more on the saltwater side. I find that these fish really tend to "pop" out against the crowd and are way more noticeable when you look inside of a tank. If they are paired with other types of vibrant fish it can really make a whole tank stand out against what people normally think of what they assume that someone has a fish tank (very dull fish, repetitive colors or species) and change their originally thoughts. Plus having rare colors in a freshwater tank can make it almost seem as if you are an expect when it comes to the hobby or give people the idea that you might have wild fish in there since it's rare to see purple colored fish in most fish stores.

  7. 10 months ago

    Red for sure! Red just looks epic. Could also be because red is y favorite color. Yea, that's why. I'm terrible with fish. What kind of fish are red? I would like to aquire some.

  8. v209

    4 Oct 2016 Seattle USA

    mine would probably be black. there are hardly any black fish and the ones that are just look like they slide through the water everywhere that they roam in the tank.

  9. I like the neon tetra's also since I'm a big fan of blue. Also, neon tetra's do well in groups since they are like a community type fish. So, it's nice seeing my favorite color in a group of fish that is swimming around the tank.

  10. 7 months ago

    I like different colors of fish. I really like the Neon tetra's too. The color blue really looks cool with the fish and suits the fish tank really well! Clown fish is another color I like too, the reason is because they look a lot like from Finding Nemo! The orange and white is amazing. It is a lot better when you have multiple of them in there!

  11. 6 months ago

    I must say because i like blue / orange colors i have to say a blue or fish but not just a standard color it has to vary in shades and patterns just like the one below.


  12. The image above looks really cool. So nice to have it in your bedroom when trying to full asleep. Still it does have an weird face

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