Did you go to college?

  1. last year

    Did you go to college? What did you study there?

  2. Rouelle

    29 Jul 2016 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I have degrees in chemistry and pharmacy.

  3. Avery

    29 Jul 2016 Administrator Arizona, United States

    I am currently in college right now studying Computer Science.

  4. v209

    29 Jul 2016 Seattle USA

    I currently do not since I'm not old enough :P

  5. I'm about to study psychology yeah

  6. 10 months ago

    I did go to college to get my masters in computer science. Well, I have studied my bachelors in the same university. I have never been the one to hate college or anything but I am not a fan of my college either.
    It's just something that I have done because it was expected of me and that's that. Now, I am a trainee in a software company and even now, I have to take all the classes in the name of training....now, this stage is what I hate the most.

  7. 8 months ago


    29 Dec 2016 Iowa, USA

    Mechanical Engineering degree from Iowa State University....Go Cyclones!

  8. 6 months ago

    Highest is Certificate Three and halfway into Cert four in information technology. I tend to learn it myself anyway since collages are always behind on tech

  9. I have three associates degrees and will currently work towards my bachelors degree.

  10. 5 months ago

    Yes, I did go to college. I still take classes as well. XD

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