The "I just got home from the fish store" thread

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  2. last year


    24 May 2016 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    Well I was planning to go to the store today (it is about a 45 minute one-way drive from my house) and pick up a few more cherry shrimp and maybe another plant for my community tank. I am slowly converting it to a planted setup a plant or two at a time.

    Instead, however, I'm staying home to work on potty-training my kiddo. We are on day 5 and she has not had a single accident yet today. I hate to screw that up with a car ride and lack of familiar bathroom facilities. Maybe next week. :)

  3. 12 months ago


    26 May 2016 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Just went to the fish store and picked up some more fish flakes. I was so tempted to buy some endler guppy hybrids this time around for one of my nano tanks, but figured I'd just get them later when everything settles down in it (have algae growing like no other and the new plants just finally stopped melting).

  4. Just picked up some indian almond leaves and java moss - was tempted by some amanos, so I grabbed a couple of those, too! I'm really hoping my apistos spawn soon. Would love another batch of fry!

  5. v209

    8 Jun 2016 Seattle USA

    I just bought some lava rock for my tanks! Going to be using it as some decorative pieces for my shrimp so they have more hiding spots and hopefully mate more often lol

  6. 11 months ago


    25 Jun 2016 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Just got back from the fish store with some extra canister filter tubing. I'm trying to figure out a better way to have the outflow come out from my canister filters without having the water splash upwards too much (or be too strong and interfere with fish, invertebrates, or even plants inside the tank). I've tested out the filter and it pumps what it should, but having two of them (for water circulation purposes) is proving to be a slight pain when it comes to flow.

  7. Rouelle

    30 Jun 2016 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    Just got back from a locally owned fish store (not where I usually purchase my livestock, but much closer). I donated 11 baby/adolescent platies out of my community tank. It feels good to free up some of the unwanted bio load. I had hoped to try to leverage some kind of discount on a purchase of *something*. However, all of their tanks were completely over run with trumpet snails, so I decided against purchasing anything.

    On a positive note, I took out most of my landscape in order to net the platies. I found that my population of RCS had approximately tripled over the 8 originals I put in there a few months ago.

  8. Rouelle

    5 Jul 2016 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I hit up the Petco sale this weekend and bought a 20L. I wont be setting it up immediately. I plan on building my own stand and hopefully getting the other components for cheap as they go on sale. It's nice to have a new project in any event.

  9. 10 months ago


    5 Aug 2016 Administrator Arizona, United States

    Just bought two African Dwarf Frogs for my smaller 5.5 gallon setup, along with a few more live plants to hopefully hide the filter intake (most of it so that it doesn't look so bad). Also bought two nerite snails to help me fight off a small algae bloom due to the substrate I decided to use in this tank (fluorite, it's literally like a muddy dirt gravel but plants love it).

    Also just bought some a small thing of frozen bloodworm for the little frogs, not sure if they are male or female yet but I'll be able to find out soon enough if I hear one of them singing to call a female in.

  10. v209

    5 Aug 2016 Seattle USA

    Just got back with some more fish food, trying out different types of flash fried types to see which my fish like the best. I'll be happy to report once I find out which ones they love :D

  11. 9 months ago


    16 Aug 2016 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I just picked up another little java fern. My tank is slowly becoming planted, one $4 plant at a time.

  12. 7 months ago


    7 Nov 2016 Administrator Arizona, United States

    I just got home with some more limestone rocks and a bag of white sand. Going to sadly redo my 5 gallon since the frogs have died and I'm disliking the amount of algae the fluorite is giving me for a small tank (seems this LED light is rather more powerful than I had originally thought).

  13. 6 months ago


    9 Nov 2016 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    Nice to know. I was seriously considering going fluorite on my next planted tank. Maybe I'll hold off on that for now.

  14. Rouelle

    Dec 1 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    Well it wasn't a trip to a physical store, but I ordered some alder cones and a piece of driftwood from amazon today. Going in my current community tank that is soon to be an angel tank.

  15. James

    Dec 8 Premium Orem, Utah, United States

    Just came home with some new filter media, thinking about trying out a sump for one of my larger tanks. Hoping the dollar per gallon sale starts soon so I can just get a cheap tank and find some plexiglass or real glass to use as the dividers. Appears that my LFS is starting to stock black ghost knife fish regularly now, not sure what made them do that but I've seen them more and more lately (must be a popular fish due to their eel like appearance and the way they move through the water).

  16. Lonnie

    Dec 8 Central Illinois United States...

    I just came home from the local pet store ( literally, they are still floating in the bag ) with 2 mystery snails. After my lighting upgrade I need some help with my algae. Hope they help.

  17. 4 months ago


    Feb 3 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I just got a Bosemani rainbow today. A juvenile male, captive bred. He is going in a community tank that within a few months I'll be converting over to an angel tank. I plan for him to stay with the angels in time. I have never had a rainbow, but have heard good things.

  18. 2 months ago


    Mar 19 Central Illinois United States...

    Haul of the day for me, 3 silver dollars and 3 otocinclus catfish. Switched from bare bottom to black gravel I got from Walmart. Big mistake. It was white gravel painted black, paint came off quite a bit. Called Walmart and all they wanted was the empty bags and the receipt. I think I'm going to go with the ceramic tiles on the bottom. See you tube, it looks pretty good.

  19. Rouelle

    Mar 23 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    I got two more Bosemani rainbows to add to my community tank. They're young and it will probably be a couple month before they color up. I have really come to like rainbows over the last couple months.

  20. 6 weeks ago

    Just came home from the store with some frozen food, gonna try to give it out to my fish and see how they like it. Not much of a frozen food fan, but it was on a VERY good sale so couldn't pass it up at all.

  21. Rouelle

    Apr 15 Premium Oklahoma, USA

    Well, not exactly a fish store, but I just placed an Amazon order for a Fluval U series underwater filter. I currently have a sponge filter in my community tank as a secondary filter to seed it for use in a new setup. I am adding it to the new tank this week. I have really enjoyed dual filtration, so I am going to try the little Fluval as a replacement. I have never tried one of these, so we will soon see how I like it.

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